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6 March 2017

In memoriam Arnot Venter

We are extremely sad to share that our colleague Arnót has passed away in the first weeks of January 2017. He had joined our network recently and was already much appreciated for his depth of insight, but also for his kindness and generosity of ideas.


We will miss a delightful colleague and human being.

15 April 2016

TM Partenaires joins forces with The Talent Alliance!

TM Partenaires, a Paris-based consultancy in talent management, board effectiveness and corporate governance, has decided to join forces with The Talent Alliance and bring their Executive Assessment / Talent Management activity under the umbrella of our brand.

This strong addition to The Talent Alliance’s team is an exciting milestone in the company’s development since its foundation 5 years ago. “TM Partenaires’ exceptional credibility in the community of executives in large French and international groups brings a quantum leap in our growth”, stresses Olivier Schobbens, one of the founders of The Talent Alliance. “We are thrilled and honoured that they come join us.

Gérard Cléry-Melin and Patrick Dubert, two of the partners of TM Partenaires, stress the new dimension that this alliance brings to them. “Our clients gave us consistently top marks on the quality of our work. But they kept telling us, ‘We need you to accompany our world-wide footprint by a strong international presence’. Our alliance brings them exactly that.

“The biggest “win” goes to our clients who will benefit from our strong international network of outstanding consultants, whom we have individually chosen for their professionalism and personal values”

, stresses Rob Irving, the co-founder of The Talent Alliance. “Our combination of businesspeople and senior psychologists offers a depth of perspective on talent that is unparalleled on the marketplace”.

1 February 2015

The Talent Alliance releases its proprietary 360° survey

Modular tool enables the right mix of flexibility and precision, up to subtle top leadership behaviours


Feedback from colleagues and team members is a foundation for self-awareness.  The richest way to collect such feedback is through individual interviews. Yet, in some cases, on-line 360° surveys can represent a cost-effective alternative.    The Talent Alliance offers a flexible solution for discerning users.


Finding a 360° tool that meets all the right criteria can be frustratingly difficult.  Discerning users require simplicity, multi-language capability, and last but not least, a set of questions that goes beyond the usual “junior and middle management” stuff to cover the subtle leadership skills required from senior executive.


To answer these needs, we have built a modular tool based on a dictionary of 30 capabilities. For each capability, you choose between a fine level of detail, a single overall “headline question”, or no question at all if the competency is not relevant to your needs.    The tool is already available in several languages and can be deployed in a matter of days.