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13 February 2023

Are you an "Accidental Diminisher"?

When our best intentions backfire...

The attached article is about an idea coined by Liz Wiseman, based on her work about “Multipliers” (leaders that enhance the capabilities and performance of their teams) and “Diminishers” who do the opposite.


Most diminishing behaviors are not only accidental – they actually are the result of our best intentions.


I have used a real-life story to bring this idea to life, and highlight its consequences.


13 February 2023

Êtes-vous un "Diminueur Accidentel" ?

Lorsque nos meilleures intentions se retournent contre nous...

L’article ci-dessous part d’une idée de Liz Wiseman, qui distingue les “Multiplieurs” (les dirigeants qui démultiplient les potentialités et la performance de leurs équipes) et les “Diminueurs” qui font l’inverse.  La plupart du temps, l’impact négatif des Diminueurs est involontaire – voire même, il est le résultat de leurs bonnes intentions. Je vous propose dans cet article une histoire vraie qui illustre le propos.

20 October 2021

Quel climat créez-vous ?

Quelques réflexions sur l'impact que nous avons en tant que dirigeants...

“Faire la pluie et le beau temps”, ce n’est pas nécessairement une expression très positive. Et pourtant, en tant que leaders et dirigeants, nous avons un impact énorme sur le climat qui règne dans nos équipes et dans nos entreprises. A nous d’utiliser ce pouvoir avec discernement !

19 October 2021

What climate are you creating?

Leaders set the tone in their teams and organizations. Do you use this impact mindfully?

Leaders “bring the weather”: they set the tone of how things are happening in their teams and organizations. Here are some thoughts about how powerful this impact can be. It is up to us to use this influence in a deliberate and mindful way!

27 June 2021

Where is your twisted needle?

A metaphor for leadership coaching and self-development

Ever thought of piloting your impact on others as if you were in the cockpit of an old jetliner? It’s a metaphor I sometimes use when coaching leaders at many levels – and it’s proven effective in its simplicity. Enjoy!

8 May 2020

Beyond lockdown - starting over together

Some insights into re-engaging your workforce

As governments and organisations prepare the post-confinement phase, they face daunting challenges – from operational procedures to business survival. Yet, they should also prioritize the re-engagement of their workforce. We explore this in the attached memo, and outline how you could deal with it and how we could help. We hope you will enjoy reading this and benefit from it!

15 April 2020

Resilient Leadership for the Stay-at-Home era and beyond

Some insights into the challenges that leaders and employees experience when navigating lockdown

Leaders need to find their footing in the uncharted situation we are going through. We found that they are encountering similar experiences and challenges, regardless of their seniority. As we helped them identify possible solutions, we compiled them in the attached document, and gladly share the learning!

In the past couple of weeks, we had many conversations and coaching sessions with leaders and professionals, from all over Europe and the Middle East. We discussed how they experience the current situation and found similarities in their challenges and possible solutions. We share our learnings in the attached document.

We hope you will enjoy these insights and benefit from them – individually, or by using them to trigger great conversations with your teams or in your households.

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